• Matty: It's someone's birthday, Glastonbury. Let's wish them happy birthday. *sings* Happy birthday to you.
  • Crowd: *sings* Happy birthday to you.
  • Matty: Not the whole thing. That's enough.
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The shows are everything. They really do become everything and people say ‘how do you get yourself pumped up for a show every night?’ [or] ‘how do you get yourself to invest in a show every night?’ And it’s like ‘how do you not?!’ Throwing a party in a city for 3,000 people every night is not mundane. It’s the day-to-day that’s mundane. I’ll fucking do 5 shows in a day instead of sitting around. This is what we want to do. This is why we’re here. Matty Healy (x)

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